Dentman Jr. provides complete paintless dent repair services so that we can make your car look as good as new again.

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What Is PDR?
Paintless Dent Repair or “PDR” is the technique of repairing dents and dings from the body of a vehicle. The PDR technique itself uses various tools to get underneath the panels of a vehicle in order to gently push out dents and dings. A wide range of damage can be repaired with PDR including hail damage, door dings and some large dents. Your vehicle is returned to you in factory condition.

PDR eliminates the need to cut into the structure of your vehicle to replace panels thereby diminishing the structural integrity of your vehicle. PDR will leave the surface of your paint and all panels on your vehicle intact so you don’t have to worry about appearance or safety. You also won’t have to worry about brand new painted panels versus older (more faded) panels which lead to inconsistent paint colors on your vehicle.

Will PDR Work On My Vehicle?
There are limitations to PDR methods. PDR may not be suitable for some large size dents or vehicles that have been involved in moderate to severe collisions. Vehicles with small dints, dings, shopping cart or mail box collisions are very good candidates for PDR. Vehicles that have been ravaged or even lightly damaged by hail are also great candidates for PDR.

PDR is 100% effective on steel and aluminum body panels and frames, but there are certain body parts such as plastic bumpers or fenders that must be replaced. No need to worry whether you have plastic, aluminum or steel panels because our expert staff will ensure everything on your vehicle is fixed and replaced properly. Parts, windshields and necessary painting is scheduled and ordered in-house to ensure quality and timely delivery of your vehicle.

How Long Does PDR Take?
The good news is PDR is the most time effective automotive repair method possible. For example, a standard size sedan with moderate hail damage needing straight PDR work will take no more than 2-3 days. An SUV with moderate hail damage may take up to 4 days. If your insurance provider requires any additional vehicle inspections, it could delay our process just a bit. It may take a few extra days depending on the adjustor’s schedule. Worry not though, our expert staff will be in constant contact with your insurance provider to ensure the process is smooth and timely.

Conventional repair methods are generally done at dealerships or direct repair facilities and often require technicians to cut into the frame of your vehicle or replace various panels. These shops usually have very long waiting lists and have to wait weeks for back-ordered parts.

What Is The Cost Of PDR?
The cost of any PDR service is based upon your insurance estimate. Each insurance provider prepares an estimate outlining the costs to repair your vehicle using an industry wide pricing structure. We work with all insurance companies and complete the repairs for the price your insurance provider allows. This ensures you have no out-of-pocket expenses!

PDR does not require lengthy rental car reservations and we can always save you your deductible. With free rental car and valet service from Dent Teks you won’t miss a day or other fun events. And if you refer a friend or family member you could even EARN $100 from our Referral Advantage Program!

Will A Hail Claim Increase My Insurance Premiums?
Absolutely NOT. Everyone has that knot in the stomach before filing a claim with their insurance provider because everyone knows… you will pay for it later. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer through a hail storm or natural disaster you do not need to pick up the phone to call your insurance claims department. Your insurance provider will not raise individual rates in situations such as these. These claims will NOT raise your insurance premiums. Call and ask your agent today!